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Ares Fight Club has been changing lives all over Singapore since we were established in 2012. Our coaches are certified boxing trainers, with many years of boxing and coaching experience.


Ares Fight Club is a boxing-only gym. Being focused on boxing means we don't teach you Muay Thai/Kickboxing or MMA inspired boxing. We teach traditional western boxing with proper techniques and we pride ourselves in our training methods, having produced quality boxers over the years.








Why should you do boxing?

1) Boxing trains your agility, endurance, strength and speed.

2) Boxing increases physical and mental toughness.

3) You will be able to defend yourself with Boxing

4) Boxing will improve your body composition

5) Boxing increases proprioception (bodily awareness, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination.)

6) Boxing will make you more confident and increase your self-esteem

7) Not only that, boxing burns up to 600-800 calories an hour!

At Ares Fight Club, our trainers emphasize on the importance of safety and proper coaching methods to provide a safe and excellent training environment. Our trainers have many years of experience in the art of fighting, as well as coaching up and coming champions. 

Our training programs are geared towards beginners or advanced boxers. We aim to make boxing suitable for all, regardless of age, fitness level or experience. Our trainers are friendly and will give you the push you need. We want you to leave feeling better than ever. Showing up can be the hardest part. Let us take care of the rest.


At Ares Fight Club, no one gets left behind. Every one have the potential to be champions and it is our job to nurture the passion in you to turn it into something great.

Ares Fight Club is located in the West of Singapore, about 5 minutes walk from Beauty World MRT station. 

What are you waiting for? Join us Today.



Let us be your guide



Coach Sri has been boxing since he was 15, coming from a family of army boxers. During his recruit years, he was an armour formation boxer and won numerous boxing competitions for his unit. He underwent stringent training to further improve his skills in and out of the ring. Having trained under Syed Kadir, Uncle Ricky, Pinto and Vincent Robinson, Sri acquired his own set of skills and moves to be a formidable opponent in the ring. His opponents called him the 'Magic Mama' as he moved swiftly in the ring and was equipped with excellent defensive moves that none of his opponents could bring him down.

Coach Sri is passionate about boxing and his life goal is to produce boxing  champions and bring back the glory of boxing scene into Singapore. His thirst for knowledge has led him to acquire many coaching certificates and training experience abroad. He has trained under Cuban, Indonesian and Kazakhstan Coaches. Being a perfectionist, Sri ensures that each and every one of his boxers learn proper boxing techniques and are able to execute the movements properly.


National Coaching Course (NCAP)
Sports Manager Certification
First Aid Certification

Olympic Boxing Technical Certification

Competitive Acheivements:

1986 SAF Inter Company Tournament - Champion

1986 SAF Inter Novice Tournament- Champion

1987 SAFSA Open - Champion

1987 Fujifilm Cup - Champion

1987 SAF Inter Unit Tournament- Champion



Rafhana is our Assistant Coach, Women's Boxing Coach and Strength and Conditioning Trainer at Ares Fight Club. Having trained under Coach Sri for over 9 years, she now represents the Singapore National Boxing Team in the Bantamweight Category. She has a good deal of local and international fight experience.

Like Coach Sri, Rafhana has undergone overseas training camps in Indonesia, Kazakhstan, England and Ireland. She brings her knowledge from overseas training into the classes at Ares Fight Club to make them intensive as well as fun.


Rafhana constantly pushes her clients to their limits. Having lost over 20kg from boxing training and diet, she brings in her past experiences in nutrition and exercise to guide others in the gym.



SG-Coach Level 1

ISA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Basic Sports Science (Singapore Sports Council)
First Aid Certification

Singapore National Team Boxer

Competitive Achievements:

Golden Girl Championship, Boras, Sweden 2022 52kg Gold Medal

Haringey Box Cup, London, England 2022 52kg Bronze

SABA Women Championship 2017 54kg Champion

Rookie Fight Jakarta Championship 2017 54kg Champion

ASEAN Belt and Road China 2019 60kg Bronze

Asian Boxing Confederation Boxing Championship 2019 Competitor

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